Vidhi Chugh

Staff Data Scientist at Walmart Global Tech

She is an award-winning AI/ML innovation leader and a leading expert in data governance with a vision to build trustworthy AI solutions. She is a global speaker and an advocate for the responsible use of AI. She has conducted several workshops demonstrating how to integrate ethical principles in an AI/ML project lifecycle. She also runs a successful blog and has been featured on “Million Stem” as an inspiration for the next-gen.

Watch live: March 2 | 4.00PM ET

Data Quality Assessment using TensorFlow Data Validation

The research shows that the majority of the ML projects do not make it to production. In this talk inspired by data-centric AI, we will discuss the typical production woes and how maintaining good quality data plays a crucial role in developing a successful machine learning model. The audience will get to learn various sources and types of deviations and errors that can degrade data quality. The talk emphasizes fostering data culture and will conclude with a demo using TensorFlow data validation.

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March 2, 2022