Uri Goren

Head of Recommendation, argmax

Uri is an experienced NLP & Recommendation practitioner, having worked for several Fortune 500 companies, and startups as an ML researcher. Uri founded argmax.ml a recommender systems services firm, that develops and deploy recommendation systems end-to-end. Alongside his professional activity, Uri is organizing PyData Tel-Aviv, and co-hosting Israel’s leading Machine learning podcast.

Watch live: March 2 | 1:30PM ET

Recommendation systems: From A/B testing to deep learning

Recommendation systems got a lot of focus in recent times due to the increase in online shopping. Recommendation always goes hand in hand with measurement and experimentation. In this talk we would cover contextual-bandits, a technique that combines both aspects and bakes machine/deep learning into the process. Contextual bandits are increasingly adopted in the industry, and is being used by recommendation giants such as Netflix, Facebook, Expedia, and many more.

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March 2, 2022