Ronen Dar

CTO and Co-Founder at Run:ai

Ronen Dar is the CTO of Run:ai, a startup he co-founded in 2018. Ronen did his BA, MSc, PhD in Tel Aviv University and his Postdoc at Bell Labs NJ. He has numerous patents in the fields of information theory, coding, and communication. Before starting Run:ai, Ronen worked as an algorithm engineer at Intel, Anobit, and Apple.

Watch live: March 8, 2023 | 2:25 – 2:55 pm ET

How Well Are You Utilizing Your GPU’s?

GPUs are crucial for ML development but are scarce and expensive and require complex scheduling, allocation and monitoring tools. In this talk we’ll discuss how AI/ML teams can better utilize their AI compute arrays and run more ML jobs without exceeding budgets.

However, industry focus has been more towards design phase of predictive analytics which is getting the models right from build, test, and validation perspective. The recent surveys have revealed that less than 40% of companies have operationalized ML models. This has hampered industry from achieving full potential of analytics. To overcome this, the next era of AI&ML is going to be more about transitioning from design phase to implementation phase covering model management, deployment and monitoring for seamless integration and smoother functioning of analytics embedded into business processes.

This talk tries to address those gaps by providing a framework and well-defined process to address these challenges help companies realize true business value.

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March 7-8, 2023 | Online