Eduardo Bonet

Staff Full Stack Engineer, MLOps at GitLab

Eduardo is a Brazilian expat in the Netherlands, father, partner. Generalist, worked as Android Developer, Frontend, Backend, Data Scientist – Analytics and Machine Learning Engineer. His first deployed Machine Learning model was an R script wrapped within a Go server. Currently working on making GitLab a tool Data Scientists love to use.

Watch live: March 2 | 2:30PM ET

Informed Guesser, Minimum Viable Model, Heuristic First: Using Machine Learning to solve the Right Problems

As Machine Learning passes its hype, the industry now enters a more mature scene where ML is not perceived anymore as a magical wand, but as a risky, yet powerful, tool to solve a new set of problems, that requires heavy investments in people and infrastructure. In this product-focused talk, we will be looking at steps we can take to decrease the risk of Machine Learning solution dying on the prototype phase: what types of problems are best fit, ideas on how to handle stakeholder expectations, how to translate Business Metrics into Model Metrics, and how to be more confident if we are solving the right problems.

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March 2, 2022