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The New Frontiers of Machine Learning

Free Virtual Event | March 7-8, 2023

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Join us for this second edition of Convergence Conference on March 7-8, 2023 and explore the new frontiers of machine learning, including novel applications, tools and processes! This two-day virtual event features 25+ talks, panels and workshops by leading data scientists who share cutting-edge ML techniques to solve complex problems in the real world.

About Convergence

Machine learning solutions are increasingly employed by companies across industries to generate economic and social value. The power of algorithms provides firms with valuable insights and enables them to build better products and services at a faster pace and at lower costs. However, the AI journey has just begun and nascent exciting approaches are being developed to create ML models that are even more reliable, ethical, creative and explainable. Convergence gathers data scientists, ML engineers and researches to meet each other and discover the latest technology, advancements and trends in ML.

Past Speakers

Resham Sarkar

Data Products & Analytics at Slice

Oren Etzioni

CEO at Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)

Shivika Bisen

Lead Data Scientist at PAXAFE

Uri Goren

Head of Recommendation at Argmax

Emily Curtin

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Mailchimp

Eduardo Bonet

Staff Full Stack Engineer – MLOps  at GitLab

Gary Marcus

CEO and Founder at Robust.AI 

Abubakar Abid

Machine Learning Team Lead at Hugging Face

Rochelle March

Head of ESG Product at Dun & Bradstreet

Kevin Stumpf

Co-Founder and CTO at Tecton

Peter Gao

CEO at Aquarium Learning

Gideon Mendels

Co-Founder and CEO at Comet

Niko Laskaris

Head of Strategic Projects at Comet

Vidhi Chugh

Staff Data Scientist at Walmart Global Tech


Data-centric AI

AI as a service (AIaaS)

How to Build a Successful ML Stack

The Future of Creative AI: Is it Going to Disrupt the Creator Marketplace?

ML, DL, RL: What is Hype and What is Not?

Economic Impact on Growth in Emerging Trends

Is Data Still the Big Bottleneck in ML? How ML Teams are Overcoming the Data Challenge

The Impact of ML in Biomed and Healthcare

Disrupting Gaming with Machine Learning

Federated ML

AI Bill of Rights: How can Government Policies Hamper Growth

Metaverse – What will be Role of ML Engineers and Data Scientists and How the Can Keep it Real

AI Governance

Repeatability – of Experiments is an Underrated Art

Explainable AI

Ethical AI

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And many more!

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